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  • Beauty of Today

A specially designed and meticulously crafted premium skincare line tailored to embrace people of all skin tones, with a particular focus on addressing the unique needs often associated with darker complexions, while remaining versatile and suitable for various skin types.

They Say, We Hear

Linn and our soap Miel

"It smells great and doesn't dry out my hands!"

Caterina about our Day cream

"The perfect day cream! Is super balanced and leave my skin super soft and hydrated but not greasy at all. The perfect cream for my mixed skin, I really really love it!!! "

Jason's night routine

" I absolutely love how this night cream absorbs into my skin. All night creams I’ve previously tried have left a surface feeling on the skin, not this one! Skin feels moisturized and fresh. I’ll definitely be restocking this cream! "

Filippo and his Detox serum love

"I have to admit it, I’ve bought this product for the astonishing design of the bottle. I couldn’t resist! But then I’ve found that this lightweight serum is powerful: it leaves my skin hydrated and glowing."

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