Melyon Body Lotion with Shea butter

Melyon Body Lotion


Melyon’s Body Lotion takes inspiration from centuries of women in West Africa, using shea butter and moringa oil. It is an iconic skin-softening ritual that has been passed down for generations. The harvesting and production of shea butter have traditionally remained firmly in the hands of West African women, and that is why in Africa, shea butter is also called “women’s gold”.

Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is derived from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, also known as the drumstick tree or ben oil tree. The tree is native to parts of Africa and Asia and is known for its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Skin Benefits: Its lightweight and easily absorbed texture provides deep moisturization, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Packed with antioxidants, the oil helps combat free radicals, promoting overall skin health and resilience. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it soothing for irritated skin on the body. 

Shea Butter
Shea butter is derived from the nuts of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa), which is native to the African continent. The shea tree is also commonly known as the Karite tree, and the shea nuts, or karite nuts, contain the fatty kernels from which shea butter is extracted.

Skin Benefits: Its natural emollient properties form a protective barrier, preventing moisture loss and soothing inflammation. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E, it deeply moisturizes the skin, promoting softness and elasticity. It is gentle on sensitive skin, aids in scar reduction, and provides low-level sun protection.

The combination of Moringa oil and Shea butter deeply moisturizes and restores dry, sensitive skin. It protects the skin from a harsh climate with daily repair. This makes Melyon Body Lotion the perfect moisturizer for all ages. In the West African culture, you use shea butter for almost everything. One of the West African motherhood-hacks is to massage the child with shea butter after their evening bath every night, which helps the children sleep soundly.

 “I believe most of the West African children and adults have a strong relation to shea butter. When I was a kid, I remember how important it was to moisturize. It was unacceptable to be dry either before you went to school or after your bath. But it has its reasons: darker skin is thicker and needs more moisture with good active ingredients to stay hydrated. My parents passed down how to do my skincare routine, and since then, I always carry some lotion with me.” Says founder Roger Dupé.

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