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Bath Glove

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This bath glove is a fully ecological product made with 100% premium viscose derived from wood pulp and with a unique woven technique that makes it thicker and coarser without any harsh friction while scrubbing the skin.

Skin Benefits
Rejuvenated skin, improved circulation, softer skin texture, cell turnover, tightened skin, black spots, minimize scarring, acne and fake-tan removal. Suitable for all skin types.

Natural plant fibre Bath Glove
One size: 18cm x 25cm 

How to use

Warm up your skin in the steam, bath, or take a hot shower. It will open pores and prepare the skin for easier exfoliation. Start scrubbing the skin without a soap, gently and soft in a circular motion to avoid skin irritation. Work your way throughout the body, exfoliate until the dead skin peels off, rinse off thoroughly, and finish your bath or shower with any Melyon soap to get glowing and soften skin. 

How to take care of your glove

Rinse the Glove thoroughly with running water to remove peeled skin and other debris to keep the Glove clean after use. Then, squeeze out excess water and dry it. You can hang it open or airy spaces to dry. Always air dry and do not use a machine dryer. 

It is advised to deep clean your glove every week. Let the glove soak in warm water before cleaning would be recommended. It is best if you hand washed with a pH-neutral detergent or mild soap. Rinse and dry.

Do not use bleach or detergents that contain chlorine. These are powerful stain removers and may damage the fabric. Washing it in a machine is also not advisable.

It is recommended to change gloves every month, depending on how often you exfoliate.

You can also exfoliate to peel off your fake tan or prep for a smooth, perfect tan.

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