What is Clean Beauty for Melyon? 

We have heard of clean beauty everywhere. Clean beauty has become more than just a buzzword; it has evolved into a guiding philosophy that shapes every aspect of Melyon's approach to skincare and beauty. It is not a trend but a commitment to harnessing the harmonious potential of nature and science.

"It's about embracing the power of nature and science to create products that are safe, effective, and kind to both our bodies and the planet. At our core, we believe that beauty should be a force for good—good for you, good for the environment, and good for future generations." - Words from our Founder, Roger Dupé.

For Melyon, the essence of clean beauty lies in a conscientious selection of ingredients and ethical practices. We prioritize the exclusion of harmful chemicals, opting instead for natural and organic ingredients. Transparency is at the core of our values. We understand that the beauty industry can sometimes be a mystery, with undisclosed ingredients and questionable practices. Melyon aims to break through that opacity, fostering a relationship of trust with you and our practices.