Melyon x Naomi Akvama

West Africa meets Scandinavia in Roots, an art collaboration between Swedish skincare brand Melyon and Danish photographer and visual artist Naomi Akvama. Just like the Melyon founder, Akvama has an ancestral connection to Ghana. Honouring this inheritance, the Roots project weaves together two different, yet in many ways similar, expressions of beauty.

There’s a duality that can be felt in one that embodies two different cultures, and this comes across beautifully in Akvama’s work. Through her exploration of different art techniques, she’s penetrating deeper into herself and her West African background, asking: “What does it mean to be Ghanaian?” There’s something raw and emotional about her artistry – poetic, honest, and profoundly personal – that connects seamlessly with the essence of Melyon. 

For many of similar descent, skincare is a sacred manifestation of beauty taught at childhood. This act of self-love is deeply rooted in West African culture and embedded in the Melyon DNA. Nourishing, all-natural ingredients that are native to this land, like shea butter, baobab oil, and moringa oil, can all be recognized across the Melyon product line. By celebrating these centuries-old traditions, the secret to healthy, radiant skin lives on.