2023 BeautyMatter NEXT Grant: Melyon

Today, our voice echoes louder than ever. We are thrilled to announce that Melyon is a proud recipient of the 2023 BeautyMatter NEXT Grant. This recognition is truly an honour, we are both humbled and immensely pleased to have created a brand that resonates with an abundance of people worldwide. Our commitment to embracing the beauty of diversity has been heard and acknowledged. In gratitude, we extend our appreciation to BeautyMatter for celebrating our cherished journey. This grant is more than a win for Melyon, it represents a collective milestone for everyone who believes in the power of authenticity and inclusivity. 

“We had 125 founders across the spectrum of beauty and wellness complete entries for the 2023 NEXT Grant program. Reviewing them was inspirational and frustrating because so many founders were worthy, and I wish we didn't have to limit it to eight entrepreneurs” says Kelly Kovack from BeautyMatter. As a skincare brand that champions inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability – we stand proud as one of eight winners.
2023 BeautyMatter NEXT Grant: MelyonRoger Dupé, Melyon: A skincare brand made with people of color in mind, focusing on conditions common among darker skin tones while still being suitable for most skin types. With roots in West Africa, the Scandinavian lifestyle brand combines the best from nature and science to create safe and ethical products with proven results.”

What is BeautyMatter 2023 NEXT Grant?

The BeautyMatter NEXT Grant is a prestigious initiative from BeautyMatter, a global authority in the beauty industry. This grant is created to empower the future leaders of the beauty sector, offering them exclusive access to the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit 2023. At this summit, industry experts, founders, and innovators come together to delve into the future of beauty, covering aspects like innovation, funding, supply chain management, and brand development. Through this event, BeautyMatter continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future trajectory of the beauty sector and promoting a more sustainable and inclusive industry landscape.

This unique opportunity allows Melyon to continue empowering all.