Melyon - The Roots

The Roots

When developing our products we took ourself back to our roots. Melyon is built on a tight collection with four products that will cover the basics is every skincare routine. With the mindset less is more, we showcase a Milk Cleanser, Detox Serum, Day Cream and Night Cream with a baobab oil as a base of this first line. The idea was to use a traditional strong ingredient that could represent strength and longevity while helping the skin fighting foreign conditions. The baobab tree, known for storing water and restoring life, as a metaphor and its oil made sense. Melyon translated this to a bottle that stands out as this huge tree being visible from far away and being a reference point for walking people in Africa, Australia or Middle-East. The baobab fruit and powder are rich in vitamin C and believed to have antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. This combination helps improving digestive health, supporting the immune system and general hydration and skin health.