Melyon x Art Comes First

Melyon x Art Comes First 

Introducing the Melyon x Art Comes First Collaboration:

Embark on a journey of artistry and self-care with the Melyon x Art Comes First collaboration. Crafted for the modern-day world citizen who finds their home across the globe, this collaboration is a testament to the fusion of skincare and artistic expression.

Our inspiration arose from the realization that maintaining a regular skincare routine while traveling can be a challenge. To simplify this, we envisioned a singular product: a versatile soap that effortlessly caters to both the face and body. Efficiency meets elegance with a handcrafted recycled aluminum case designed for easy storage.

Melyon x Art Comes First is more than skincare; it's a canvas of creativity. This collaboration seeks to blend the artistic nature of both brands, creating a harmonious synergy that transcends boundaries.


About: Art Comes First 

Art Comes First, an art collective founded by the visionary duo Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, houses nine distinctive enterprises. Rooted in London but resonating globally, Art Comes First is a beacon of creativity. The collective collaborates with independent creatives, charitable organizations, and business events, offering a platform for diverse expressions in art, photography, painting, and performance.

Join us on this artistic odyssey where skincare meets self-expression and discover the beauty that unfolds when two worlds seamlessly unite.