Melyon - Changing the ideal of beauty

To join our first campaign for the launch of Melyon, we gathered inspiring people, beautiful with their natural flaws and features, and shared thoughts on the topic of beauty.

Big thanks to: Siginey Manjang, Helin Honung, Anton Isaksson, Yasmine Holmgren, Elizeth Casal, Lamin Ceesay, Klara Kassman, Sophia Nilsson, Benny Tran, Alicia Bocio, Linda Khalaf, Mabintou Ceesay, Yandeh Sallah, Ario Molapour, Tina Misaghi, Julia Bintij, Cinzia Chang, Maria Reina, Chanelle Törnqvist, Robin Westling, Kim Cesarion, Malik Lewis, Ivy Henriksson, Michel Tornéus, Qhris Magsino, Momo Sabah, Mathilda Järlmo, Elvira Brandt, Moona Narancic.