Soaps for your face & entire body


Melyon cold Saponification bar soaps are handcrafted in the mountain region in France, the process combined with long natural maturation and high-quality raw materials leads to the finest quality natural cosmetic soap. In this method, the coconut oil, seed oil and the other natural cosmetic ingredients that are used are mixed and react at almost ambient temperature. Powerfully Natural.

The benefits of natural soap making, is that the cold process method ensures these natural ingredients like coconut oil and seed oil are better preserved. While in they can be lost in the heating process in hot processed soap techniques

The alkali ingredient sodium hydroxide can sometimes suggest that the soap will be aggressive to the skin, but the reaction between the oils and the soda will make the soda disappear in its entirety at the end of the treatment, so there is no risk at this level. Very precise calculations make it possible to calculate the optimum ratio of soda and oils for a mild soap. In addition, it is necessary to induce the chemical reaction that causes the cold saponified soap.

With top quality natural ingredients, cold process soap offers a sensory experience that just can’t be matched by commercially-made alternatives. Free from artificial ingredients and drying detergents, cold process natural soaps are skin-kind with a luxuriously creamy lather that perfectly pampers your skin, from top to bottom, every day.